Friday, December 28, 2012

On writing and on moving forward

Before I post more sensible things here, I just want to say, I miss writing. I really do. I can't speak for everybody else, but a lot of times I find myself not wanting to write at all. I get tired of it. Not the writing process itself. Nor the thinking that's needed in order to create whatever it is you aim to. It's more of the feeling that writing stirs up inside of me.

At times, you feel blessed for your words have inspired. They may have been appreciated, or praised, and all the good things. Other times, your words betray you. Others may use them against you or people you care about. It may be that they wouldn't like your words at all, throw rotten tomatoes and eggs. Most times, they wouldn't care for it at all. They'll be like the million other words available for all. However you put it, however you present it, no one just bothers to read.

I wish it ended there. Acceptance, rejection, neglect... Those are merely temporary chemical imbalances in a person's system. I can handle those. Writing, however, is more than just pen and paper.

When you write, you make yourself vulnerable. Every time you write, each word you use, the manner in which you arrange thousands of unconnectedness, however you convey it, every bit is who you are, who you were, who you may or may not come to be... Every time you write, you leave a piece of your self to the world, free for everyone to use as they please. Every time, you surrender yourself to the world.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My favorite adventures always has to do with food. Well, most of my adventures has something to do with food anyway, so okay, all my adventures are my favorite. LOL

Moving forward, there's this place I go to whenever I'm early for my shift, or my shift ended early, and I haven't had a bite to eat yet. It's called Noodles & Company. Their specialty is, big surprise, noodles! On their menu, you'll have three basic choices: Mediterranean, Asian, and American; with six different variants of noodles each. In short, you have 18 types of noodles to choose from. They also have some sandwiches, soups, and sides, I think, but I haven't really had one. So, yeah. Noodles.

So far I've tried the Pesto Cavatappi, and Pasta Fresca from the Mediterranean list, and Japanese Pan Noodles, Pad Thai, and Chinese Chop Salad from the Asian list. I haven't tried anything from the American list just because I am already in America and thought, 'nah, that can wait.'

Whenever I eat here, I always remember my friend who I shall call Bully. I do not know if this is a made up memory of mine, but I swear, I have this particular recollection of a conversation of ours. It's about a business idea of hers. It has to do with noodles of course. She said it would be a great idea to have a restaurant that only serves noodles. Well, I'll certainly tell her now, that was a great idea. Maybe one day she'll be able to build that restaurant from her own money, because she wouldn't know where else to put her overflowing commission from selling condo units.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another cheesy story

So what's new?

  1. I have officially resigned from(?), at(?), on(?) (I honestly do not know which one is the right word to use) my first job. The one I no longer work at since September. Not that I stopped coming to work or anything bad. I just haven't had any projects. And when they called to offer, I already found a more stable one. So yes, official resignation like told them I'm no longer working there, and surrendered my id and key card. From! I think that's the best option.
  2. My boss at the Filipino store gave me a 75 cents raise on my hourly rate. I am 75 cents more than minimum wage now (for one job at least). Yehey!
  3. I had a hair cut.
That is it for now. More updates to come.

Anyway, I have been thinking about this silly thing lately and thought about sharing it. Because, well, you know, maybe you'll think, "why that is silly!," then have a laugh. At least I made someone smile for a few seconds. Or maybe you'll think, "what the hell is this? This is such a waste of my time," then just close the window. Go ahead! Like I care? Ha ha! Whatever. 

Again, anyway, I ride the bus going to work and going home everyday. In the morning, I have three chances to catch the bus that would take me just in time to go to work. Whenever I take the first or second bus, I usually see this guy. Ahem. Guy again. LOL Anyway, I don't like him. He's not my type. I just thought, "wouldn't that be a cute story?" 

We see each other in the bus almost everyday. One day, he'll have the courage to talk to me. He'll ask me where I'm headed, I answer him politely, and ask him the same question. And the conversation will continue until the time I have to get off the bus. After a day or two, we bump into each other on the bus, and talk again for a while. The following day, I'll be surprised to see him come into the store where I work. He'll pretend he was in the neighborhood and craved for cookies, or something like that. He'll linger a little, ask what time my shift will end. Suggest that we take the bus home together, since, technically, we already do. We'll continue bumping into each other, until finally he'll ask for my phone number and ask me out on a date.

Yikee! I'm going to stop with the silliness now. I just realized, I've been making up a lot of stories out of my odd encounters lately. Well, at least I am still able to create stories in my mind. Cheesy or not. Well, cheesy, actually. Ha ha!